7 Steps to Add SEO to Your Squarespace Blog Posts

Here’s a step by step checklist you can follow for each post you make. Watch the video below to see exactly how to add SEO to your Squarespace blog posts to rank higher. You can do this! Or, delegate this to a team member or your VA. But don’t labor hard over content without making sure it’s getting the attention it deserves. In just a few minutes, you can polish up the SEO of your blog post so it sparkles on Google for the world to see and find you through.

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The #1 Thing to Know About Wordpress vs. Squarespace

During this episode I originally recorded on Instagram Live, I go through a few common misconceptions about both platforms as well as a few SEO & general site tips when both considering which platform to use now and what platform will serve you best in the future. I also discuss why Squarespace is our preferred platform for our clients! For a review of the video, download our PDF below!

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3 Contact Form Hacks to Save You Time & Make You Sales!

Download this FREE training! Want to optimize your site to make the sale? YES, I know you do! Well, one little but mighty area of your site is the contact form. Have you ever wondered what questions you should include on your contact form? Or, how you can make your inquiry form convert better to sales?


  • step-by-step article
  • video training
  • free checklist
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7 site tweaks to make today to get more dream inquiries

Download my FREE 18-page ebook with 7 simple site tweaks to get MORE dream inquiries! 

So, you've got a contact form on your site. But, are you hearing crickets? Or, maybe you're flooded with inquiries, but none of them are the right fit?You don't need to have a psych degree or be a coding wizard to figure out who your “people” are and how to win them over on your website. I want to help you make some simple tweaks on your site that pack a big punch. Inside this training, you'll find 7 action steps you can take on your site to connect with more of your dream clients.

And, the best part? You can get started on this checklist today. So, bring up your site and let's get a plan together!

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