Babe Denny

Babe Denny

Wondering what it's like to get branded by Crème?

Here are a few things you'll get.

Clear communication—

You get a personalized, 1-hour, business heart-to-heart via video. Every week during our process I'll send you a little weekly report that’s designed to keep our project on target and keep you updated on everything you need, while giving you space to run the business you love.

Reliability and peace of mind—

You shouldn't have to guess about what comes next or wait to start working on your content. That's why you get every milestone at your fingertips. You'll get all your homework and dates as soon as we complete the paperwork so you can get started right away. Together, we make sure your launch is on-time!

Tailor-made offerings—

You get to pick which services are right for you with à la carte style pricing. No preset packages or fluff—just an easy to use credit system so you can chose exactly which add on items you need. proposals recommended for your needs. What's more, you get a logo that's thoughtfully crafted from scratch. With no canned brand formulas, it's truly all yours.

A long term investment—

Crème takes on around 12 brands a year and my clients' overall brand budgets typically start at $7000 and consulting starting at $500. With a timeless and polished approach, you get the opportunity to charge more. No having to reinvest money and time to rebrand again and again.

100% "action-able" soul searching—

You get my six-part branding workbook. You'll dig deep to define your brand message, your ideal client, and we'll even write a mission statement together. You'll be guided step by step through writing all the copy for your website and even how to cull the best images for your brand strategy. No pen and paper are required—the whole workbook is fillable online.

A ready to use brand arsenal—

No more wondering what to do with what. No more having to hire a professional just to make a 5 minute change for you. You get deliverables and simple systems you can actually use. You get access to all filetypes, even working files for each PDF we create for you. Every site we launch includes a 1-1 training session for your team and a PDF quick reference guide.


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