photos and styling by Jennifer Blair

photos and styling by Jennifer Blair

Rebecca Rose Events

To Kathryn: We are so grateful for your thoughtful approach, the hours and hours that you spent getting to know us, and the incredible attention to detail you paid to *everything* at every single point in the process.
— The RRE team
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what we did:

brand research & strategy, creative brief, logo design with custom lettering, brandboard, business cards, notecard, site strategy, foundational SEO, fully branded + custom laid out site, website training call



How did you feel before your Creme Branding Experience?

We felt so ready for an upgrade that it almost hurt! We knew that our brand's visual identity didn't match our team's capabilities, level of professionalism, or experience and we felt like we struggled to attract the right clients in our target market.

How do you feel now?

Thrilled! Our new brand fits us like a well-tailored cocktail dress that we have the joy of getting to wear every single day!


What did you walk away with after working with Kathryn?

We feel like we walked away with a beautiful, confident, and complete visual identity, a killer website, artwork that will really last, and a set of tools that will serve us well for years to come. We also walked away with a feeling of appreciation and profound gratitude for such a wonderful partnership... it truly felt like Kathryn was every bit as invested in our brand as we are and that was an invaluable part of the process for us!


Did you have any "aha" moments along the way?

So many! The process was so thorough and pushed us to dig so deeply into what we do well, what we needed to highlight, what we needed to improve, and why we've had the success that we've had... and the challenges we've had!

Is there anything you are excited about for your business now?

So many things! New ideas, new ways to connect with our clients and industry partners, and the confidence in knowing that we're really putting our very best foot forward in such an authentic way.

What was it like
working with Kathryn?

It was wonderful from start to finish! The process is challenging in all the right ways and we appreciated the thorough approach so very much!


Do you have any advice
on branding for others?

Don't take any shortcuts. Branding is about SO much more than a pretty logo... it's worth it to take time and truly invest in a branding process that will help you discover what you need to say, who you need to say it to, and how you need to say it!

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Kathryn is one in a million, and we will always be so thankful for her expertise, her encouragement, and her friendship!
— The RRE team