photos and styling by Jennifer Blair

photos and styling by Jennifer Blair

Lindsay Collette

I understand now that I have a unique voice that should be heard.
— Lindsay Collette


what we did:

BRAND RESEARCH & STRATEGY, CREATIVE BRIEF, LOGO DESIGN, BRANDBOARD, custom pattern, social media quote templates

logo design branding for wedding florists by Crème Brands

How did you feel
before your
Creme Branding

Before working with Kathryn, I felt like "just another photographer". I was also feeling very hopeless, confused, and uncertain about my place in the industry—I wasn't even sure I wanted to be a wedding photographer!

How do you feel now?

I feel confident and poised for success. My photography now has an IDENTITY. Its no longer ME struggling to get by. Lindsay Collette, Photographer, is optimistic, purposeful and prepared for what's to come!  I also know my place is in the wedding industry as a photographer. I understand now that I have a unique voice that should be heard. Kathryn breathed life into my work, giving it a sophisticated face. With my beautiful logo and brand materials, I am inspired to put into action this dream of mine.

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What did you walk away with after working with Kathryn?

I'm not walking away! Over the last year, I have come to know Kathryn and work very closely with her—and will continue to do so to further my brand! Aside from the friendship I gained, and all the beauty that comes along with having Kathryn in my life, I now have brand materials I feel good about, which have, in turn, created a new energy, work ethic and focus in my business and personal life.

Did you have any
"Aha!" moments
along the way?

The entire process was one giant "AHA! Moment" for me—I felt that I was constantly having breakthroughs! Kathryn challenged me with her in-depth Branding Workbook. I gained insight to who I am, why I'm doing what I do, and how to present that to the world; invaluable knowledge I would have otherwise continued to struggle with had it not been for diving head-first into this with Kathryn.

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Is there anything you are excited about for your business now?

EVERYTHING! Each day I am excited to further my business, whereas before branding, I was really fumbling and felt like it was a chore.

What was it like
working with Kathryn?

Working with Kathryn was nothing short of wonderful—a true joy. It was also therapeutic. Branding was such an intensely personal project for me that it was impossible not to become invested in the woman who was, essentially, designing ME. Kathryn was professional, patient with my hang-ups (I'm not easy to please), encouraging with her words, supportive, and respectful of my point of view: all attributes that assured me daily that I'd made the right investment.

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Do you have any advice
on branding for others?

Be prepared to search your soul.

If what you’re doing matters to you—truly, maddeningly so, invest in what you do. Take time to consider that branding yourself is not simply slapping a “logo” on things and screaming “I’ve arrived!” It’s a thoughtful process, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
— Lindsay Collette