3 Smart Ways to Put Your Autoresponder to Work for You

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For this replay of Instagram Live, I go through my top three tips for using your autoresponder well during vacation, that not only attracts more of your ideal clients but works for your own workflow.

Recorded Training

photo by Jennifer Blair


One: Use it Sparingly

I'm not in the camp of believing you should keep your autoresponder on all the time. While it may be a workflow that works well for you, I recommend that whenever you can, cut down the amount of emails you're sending to clients. Most people are overwhelmed by their inboxes already. 

Two: Be Brief

Because of the inbox overwhelm many of your clients may feel, keep your autoresponder as brief as possible. This will also convert better!

Three: Provide relevant information

Your autoresponder is a valuable place to streamline some of your sales process. Is there a way you can direct new clients to your first intake form, or inform them about your availability? This will cut down the work you have when you return, too! You can even provide a link to a meeting schedule so that when you return, you're already set with new clients.

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