3 Contact Form Hacks to Save You Time & Make You Sales!

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photo by Jennifer Blair

photo by Jennifer Blair

Want to optimize your site to make the sale? YES, I know you do! Well, one little but mighty area of your site is the contact form. Have you ever wondered what questions you should include on your contact form? Or, how you can make your inquiry form convert better to sales?


I see a lot of business owners missing out on the right inquiries because they've got too much or too little going on in their contact form. 


You need to have a baseline clarifier question. What's that? Watch below to find out exactly how to do this:

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There are 3 different kinds of baseline clarifiers you can include on your contact form: It could be schedule related, service related, or style related.


Keep your contact form simple!

Now, before we get into all these, one quick word of caution. Before you go hog wild and start adding a ton of questions to your contact form, try to keep your contact form as light and simple as possible. You want your contact form to be short and easy. Otherwise it can really lower your conversion rates.


1. Include a scheduling question

The first thing to include in your contact form is a SCHEDULING question: something that basically lets people know when you're available to work with them. For example, we're booked until later this year. So, on our contact form there's a drop down menu where you can select when you want your project to begin and of course that option starts when our next opening is. That way we don't have people emailing us that really needed a new brand like yesterday. That can be a little frustrating for them because it can just start a whole email thread when they really just want to know that information on scheduling. So, that's a good baseline clarifier for you to include. If you're a wedding professional, you might make this the event date, when their wedding is. That's going to be a huge clarifier for everyone involved.


2. Include a service related question

The second question to include is SERVICE related. You need to figure out in your business what do you specifically do and what don't you do. Use a drop down menu or multiple choice question field where inquiries can select what kind of service they're looking for. This is a great way for you to get a heads up on if they are asking about something you specifically don't do. Or to let them know that that is a service you offer and you'll be able to follow up very specifically and get them information as opposed to just having a nebulous conversation from the get go. So make sure you're including some kind of service clarifier question!


3. Include a Style related question

The final thing is STYLE. If you are a creative you may want to make this more about aesthetics. For me, this is actually not something I include on my initial contact form. The style question that include on the form you fill out on my site is actually much more general. I include a question that asks people how long they've been in business. This has to do with the style of business that Creme Brands is going to be able to best serve. Our experience is really tailored and really caters to someone that's been in business for at least two years. Every now and then we work with a new company with initial branding, but for the most part we can create the best experience for our clients when it's a more established business. This question is a really helpful clarifier for us to be able to serve people more efficiently and get them the information they need right away.

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