photos and styling by Jennifer Blair

photos and styling by Jennifer Blair

Deborah Zoe photography

Kathryn’s encouragement and belief in what I am doing as a creative and business owner was invaluable.
— Deborah Parker, Deborah Zoe Photography
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How did you feel
before you got branded?

I felt like it was an incomplete picture. My branding was lovely but it didn't stand for anything, it didn't communicate who I was or what I was trying to do as a photographer. There was no depth and no clear purpose behind the business and the design of my branding. It was a starting point but I was ready for something specific, that clearly communicated who I was an artist and my mission as a photographer.

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How do you feel now?

My new site and branding is like a breath of fresh air. I feel so PROUD to share my site with potential clients, creatives in the industry and fellow peers. My favorite aspect about the site and branding is how it clearly communicates my heart behind serving my clients. I love being able to share that part of my business with others. I feel professional, established and represented as a brand that cares deeply for it's clients.

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What did you walk away with after working together?

I walked away with a renewed sense of confidence in myself and my business. I can easily doubt the decisions I make as a business owner and compare myself to what other photographers and creatives are doing. Kathryn's encouragement and belief in what I am doing as a creative and business owner was invaluable. There was no hesitation or sense of doubt from Kathryn, she embraced the direction I want to take my business and brand and I felt so incredibly well taken care of. The first mood board she created for me and the first draft of my logo made my cry. Her attention to detail and care of listening was evident in those things, they felt like a perfect representation of me. I always be so thankful and appreciative of her care and thoughtfulness.

Did you have any "aha"
moments along the way?

I think the biggest moment for me in this process was creating a mission statement and tagline. I've been trying to work on this piece for a long long time but could never find the words to say that described where my heart was regarding the purpose of my business. Kathryn allowed me to put it all out there. From that jumble of thoughts, words and images, she helped me to tailor those ideas into a cohesive mission statement. That mission statement became the catalyst for everything else (text, font, images, design) and is the basis upon which my business stands. I'm so thankful to have a mission statement that I'm proud of and one that I can share with potential clients to help them discover what DZP is all about!

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Is there anything you are excited about for your business now?

I'm excited to continue to connect with clients that grab onto my philosophy and mission statement. Being able to work with clients who believe in the power of photography is very exciting and allows me to share my heart with my camera. As an artist, being able to work from the heart keeps things fresh and pushes me to continue to better my craft.


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What was it like
working with me?

A dream!! Seriously, it was a dream. From the moment we had our first Skype call through to launch day and beyond working with Kathryn has been an enjoyable and exciting process. I hate making decisions but Kathryn made that part of the process so easy and simple. I felt taken care of, understood and valued. That alone was worth the experience — and as a result I have a beautiful site and brand that feels just like me. I can't tell you how many times I've been told that site and branding "just feels like Deb." I think that's the BEST compliment. It's just another testament to Kathryn and her talent at understanding the heart of a business and communicating it with beautiful design.


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Do you have any advice
on branding for others?

One of the best things I did to prepare for the rebranding experience was to start a mood board. After getting onto Kathryn's schedule I knew that it would be several months before we actually started the project together. In that time I started a mood board where I saved everything that inspired me, that I loved, that felt like me. It gave me valuable research into the things that spoke to me, long before Kathryn and I began working together. When our project eventually started I was able to share with her a more cohesive picture of what I wanted my brand to stand for giving us a great place to start.

Branding takes a lot of dedicated focus and thought. It can be easy to compare what you are doing to creatives around you or trends in your industry. Being able to have a clear focus as you bring design, branding, website together is invaluable. If you can stay focused to your mission statement and your heart as a business the result will be something that is uniquely yours and something that is extremely powerful.

I would also add that a project like this, an in depth rebranding of a business, is most successful when the business is ready for it. I'm not sure that if I had started this process with Kathryn several years ago that it would have been as successful. I didn't have a clear picture of my who my clients were, what I wanted my business to stand for and the kinds of images I wanted to create. I needed the experience of those years to prepare me for this experience with Kathryn. Sometimes a complete overhaul of your branding is needed. But sometimes it's better to wait until you have found a clear focus so that when you do rebrand you know exactly where you want to move to.

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Spreads from her Wedding Guide magazine

Spreads from her Wedding Guide magazine

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I’ve been told that site and branding “just feels like Deb.” I think that’s the BEST compliment.
— Deborah Parker, Deborah Zoe Photography