Admin & Marketing Assistant

Detailed Job Description

Responsibilities include:


  • Schedule and administer ongoing marketing to-dos in Asana

  • Handle meeting scheduling and cancelations for Kathryn via email and Calendly

  • Proofread various types of content for clarity and grammatical accuracy

  • Track and send monthly analytics report to monitor growth and engagement with blog and social media

  • Update Instagram links weekly


  • Set up blog posts in Squarespace

  • Write 2,000 word blog posts based on 5-minute videos

  • Write 300-800 word blog posts based on pre-written Instagram posts

  • Select images for posts from image bank

  • Optimize blog posts for SEO on Squarespace

  • Find relevant long tail keywords in Google Ad Words or Keywords Everywhere

  • Add SEO image descriptions in Squarespace

  • Write blog post titles for SEO

  • Batch name image files for SEO

  • Pitch blog posts to related blogs

  • Add text and images to blog graphic template in Illustrator


  • Manage and make all portfolio updates

  • Size images for web

  • Name images for SEO

  • Add SEO image descriptions to Squarespace

  • Add SEO meta to portfolio page

  • Title pages for SEO


  • Schedule pins, evergreen, and tribe pins on Tailwind for Pinterest

  • Find relevant keywords and hashtags on Pinterest and add to pins

  • Manage boards on Pinterest and add keywords to board descriptions


  • Schedule Instagram content on Tailwind with bank of images and captions

  • Engage with small creative business accounts on Instagram

  • Answer questions during Instagram Lives


  • Push Instagram content to Facebook

  • Schedule repeating Facebook posts for all blog posts

  • Respond to messages on Facebook

  • Respond to comments on Facebook


  • Turn blog content into newsletters

  • Schedule monthly or bi-weekly newsletters

  • Create free downloads in Indesign based on a template and upload PDFs

  • Set up new lists for each new freemium content (i.e. free PDF)

  • Hook up opt-in forms

  • Monthly merge and clean up lists


  • Research and pitch podcasts

  • Schedule podcasts

  • Get prep questions


  • Set-up webinar in software

  • Write webinar opt-in and confirmation emails

  • Moderate webinar comments

  • Send out replay videos

  • Respond to followup emails from attendees