You the Brand: Recorded Webinar


You the Brand: Recorded Webinar


This SOLD OUT live webinar with Katie Selvidge, editor of Cottage Hill, and Kathryn Duckett is now available for purchase!


You want to build a thriving business — one that’s unique, profitable and where your creative ideas flourish. But, do you instead feel consumed by comparison? Are you getting distracted by the competition instead of being motivated by your peers? Do you worry that everyone is knocking off your work?


It’s time for a heart to heart — Not just for your business’ longevity but for your creative sanity! Clear your heart and rebuild a strong foundation for a successful year with less drama / comparison and more focus on your own vision.


You’ll be equipped to:

  • Utilize, not fight, your fears
  • Beat the distraction of comparison
  • Differentiate learning v. inspiration v. copying
  • Navigate the sticky topic of copycats
  • Protect your brand equity
  • Get back to your life’s most honest work

You’ll takeaway:

  • Branding prompts to help you start with your why
  • An actionable plan to conquer comparison
  • Ideas for how to protect your brand equity
  • A 60-minute recording of the webinar
  • Answers to practical questions in bonus recorded Q & A


NOTE: These worksheets are designed to help you take the content of the webinar to the next level. Be sure to carve out time after the webinar to complete this content on your own.

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"The webinar wasn't stuffy or oversaturated with information, it felt like a great pow-wow among girlfriends on a topic that isn't touched on often." -Attendee