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My approach and values are infused into every part of my brand, which allows colleagues, clients and potential clients to learn what differentiates my boutique company from others. I feel like I am able to communicate my services and the unique experience I offer couples with clarity, which is something I wasn’t able to do before.
— Lindsey Norton, L. Brook Events
Photo by Emily Delamater


How did you feel
before you got branded?

I initially started working with Kathryn after I met her at a workshop and heard her speak about authentic branding. I had been feeling for some time that there was a disconnect between the kind of clients I wanted to work with, the work I wanted to produce, and what I was actually doing. I felt discouraged and unsure if I was on the right path and knew I needed to make a change, I just wasn't sure exactly what it was. After I heard Kathryn speak about authentic branding, I knew that I wanted to learn more and began working with Kathryn through a brand analysis. After completing that process, it became really clear to me that I needed to dig deeper and that Kathryn was the person that was going to help me do that in a thoughtful way. I was a newer business at the time and had recently had a website and logo created, but I realized from completing a brand analysis with Kathryn that I never spent the time or asked myself the really tough questions that define what my mission, values and differentiators are, which is a huge part of why I wasn't attracting ideal clients or having the opportunity to create and produce the kind of work that I knew I was capable of. Branding is so much more than a logo design and your website, being an artist and visual person those things are certainly important to me (and Kathryn is a creative genius) but I needed more than just a re-design.

How do you feel now?

I feel more confident, content and comfortable with my brand and business. My approach and values are infused into every part of my brand, which allows colleagues, clients and potential clients to learn what differentiates my boutique company from others. I feel like I am able to communicate my services and the unique experience I offer couples with clarity, which is something I wasn't able to do before. I also feel like I have room to grow and that Kathryn created a beautiful place for me to tell my story and share my passion and work with others in a way that is authentic and true.


What did you walk away with after working together?

I gained so much more than a new brand in working with Kathryn. I walked away with all of the feelings I described above, which have been immensely helpful in defining who I am as business owner and what is at the core of my work. My experience as a client in working with Kathryn completely shifted my thinking about the client experience I want to provide to the couples I work with. Kathryn inspired me and encouraged me to work from a place of serving my clients in an authentic, purposeful and meaningful way. Kathryn became a friend, confidant and creative colleague throughout the process of working together, which is what I am most grateful for.

Did you have any "aha"
moments along the way?

Absolutely, many moments! I think the biggest "aha" moment came when I was struggling with writing the copy for my website. It was really hard for me to figure out how to tell my story and describe my services in a way that was unique to me. Kathryn asked me some really specific and perfect questions to help me get started and also helped me figure out that what makes my business unique is me. No one else has the same perspective, background, approach or way of doing things that I do, and as long as I was coming from that place I would be authentic and set myself apart.


Is there anything you are excited about for your business now?

Around the same time that I started working with Kathryn I realized that I am really passionate about the relationship I build when working closely with clients and that I feel most inspired and fulfilled when I am able to be a part of the complete design process with clients. I love using my art background and approach to design to help couples plan a wedding that feels authentic and unique to their love story, all while creating a very specific and memorable experience for their guests. This is why I decided to exclusively offer comprehensive planning and design services to a limited number of couples each year, which is something I am really excited about. I am able to better serve my clients and exceed expectations by focusing on fewer weddings, which has left me feeling more inspired and fulfilled creatively. Kathryn helped me clearly communicate this on my website, which has helped the quality of my inquiries increase immensely.

What was it like
working with me?

The entire experience of working with Kathryn was amazing and surpassed my expectations in every way. She was highly communicative, supportive, encouraging and helpful. Even if I asked her questions about my business that weren't specific to my branding or website design, she was always willing to listen and offer thoughtful advice or guidance. Another thing I loved about working with Kathryn was that the timeline for my project was laid out from the beginning in a thoughtful and manageable way, and I knew exactly when my website would launch. Despite a few delays I caused during the process, my website still launched on the day it was supposed to, which I was really surprised about. Part of why I decided to work with Kathryn is because I knew from the beginning that she really understood me and what I was trying to communicate and that I could trust her because of how genuine and authentic she is. There was never a time I felt unsure of what she proposed or suggested because I knew that she had listened to me and that she was clearly, concisely and beautifully communicating the heart of my business, services and brand.


Do you have any advice
on branding for others?

Branding is so much more than what your logo or website looks like. It is about discovering what makes you and your business unique and clearly communicating your mission to your clients in an authentic way. It takes time to discover this and will in some ways always be a work in progress, so give yourself the grace and space you need to ask the tough questions. Don't look at what your peers or colleagues are doing, look internally and trust that even if you don't have all the answers right away that your experiences and Kathryn will be able to guide you there in an organic way. Take your time and don't worry about trends or what you think other people will think. Trust that you have a unique voice and perspective and that your brand is how that will come through and Kathryn will be able to communicate that visually in a beautiful and timeless way.


Thank you for EVERYTHING, you have been one of the biggest supports in my business (and life) over the last year and you may not have even known that. I am so grateful to have met you and thankful to call you a friend!
— Lindsey Norton, L. Brook Events