7 site tweaks to get more dream inquiries

training includes:

  • 18-page ebook
  • 7 actionable site tips
  • free checklist
photo by Jennifer Blair

photo by Jennifer Blair


So, you've got a contact form on your site. But, are you hearing crickets? Or, maybe you're flooded with inquiries, but none of them are the right fit?


You don't need to have a psych degree or be a coding wizard to figure out who your “people” are and how to win them over on your website. I want to help you make some simple tweaks on your site that pack a big punch. Inside this training, you'll find 7 action steps you can take on your site to connect with more of your dream clients.

And, the best part? You can get started on this checklist today. So, bring up your site and let's get a plan together!


7 Site Tweaks to Get More Dream Inquiries:

  1. Talk to only one person
  2. Tell them who you're for & why
  3. Tell them where you are and where you work
  4. Look them in the eye & color coordinate
  5. Don’t stress them out
  6. Show them only the type of work you want to do
  7. Assume they want to work with you, so make it easy

Get all the details in this super actionable and practical free ebook. Start attracting more of your dream clients with your website today!


Take Action!

There's a checklist at the end of the ebook. Don't forget to print it off. You've got this!

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