Dana Fernandez


You were always super responsive and always made me feel like I was your only client.
— Dana Fernandez, Dana Fernandez Photography
Taylor Lord Photography


How did you feel
before your
Creme Branding

Frustrated. I went through different ideas of my branding on my own so many times but could never be satisfied or content. Every time I would look at it I knew it could be better, but didn't know how.

How do you feel now?

I LOVE my brand. I have not once wanted to change it and am proud and confident in it. I love how Kathryn provided so many ways to use the brand in the style guide so that the brand is versatile and easy to understand.


What did you walk away with after working with Kathryn?

I felt like my branding was finally complete! No longer was my branding something that was always nagging at me at the back of mind. I knew out of all of the aspects of my business that I had at least one thing (and one of the most important) was perfect and needed no improvement.

Did you have any
"Aha!" moments
along the way?

The BIGGEST "aha" for me was realizing I needed to let the best (Kathryn) do what she does best. It was hard to let go but once I did, so much stress was alleviated and I was happier for it.


Is there anything you are excited about for your business now?

I was so excited to update all of my collateral and website. I loved the way that Kathryn designed the style guide so that I could use the brand in different orientations. I love that she designs the logo in a versatile way so that depending on the marketing piece I can use different elements of my brand while still remaining consistent.

What was it like
working with Kathryn?

I LOVED working with you. You were sweet but direct when it came to feedback and changes. You were always super responsive and always made me feel like I was your only client.


Do you have any advice
on branding for others?

Let Kathryn do her thing and trust her 100%! Remember that whether you are in business with photography, flowers, event planning or designing that THAT is what you should put your focus on. We don't have to do EVERYTHING on our own, especially branding. Leave it to the expert, specifically, Kathryn Duckett!

We don’t have to do everything on our own, especially branding. Leave it to the expert, specifically, Kathryn Duckett!
— Dana Fernandez, Dana Fernandez Photography